The Company

Darby Printing Company

Atlanta-based, full service printer specializing in books, manuals, catalogues, and directories.

The Challenge

Sales had begun to decline and the business was losing money rapidly. The owner had been looking for an exit strategy for a few years and decided it was time to sell. Overhead was substantial and without adequate sales to support the fixed costs, the viability of the company was in doubt.

The Process

Equity Partners quickly completed a 45 day marketing process and generated 3 going concern offers that paid off all creditors and either provided substantial money for the owner at closing or a long term tenant for the building he owned.

The Solution

After several rounds of negotiations, an entirety offer was selected which allowed the owner to sell all of the assets free and clear, satisfy all liabilities, and provide him a seven figure cash sum at closing. The business continues to operate under new ownership without a single day of interruption for clients or employees.