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Equity Partners HG brokers sale of Accubuilt, Inc. to SPV Coach Company, Inc. d/b/a Armbruster Stageway


For Immediate Release | August 8, 2017

Accubuilt, Inc. completed a going concern sale, including its two preeminent brands, The S&S Coach Company and Superior Coaches, to Kansas City, KS-based SPV Coach Company d/b/a Armbruster Stageway. Equity Partners HG, a Maryland-based investment banker, served as intermediary for the seller.

Accubuilt, Inc. (“Accubuilt” or the “Company”) is a leading manufacturer of funeral vehicles, including coaches and limousines, utilizing Cadillac and Lincoln chassis. The Company has the most diverse product portfolio in the industry and is one of the industry’s largest producers, completing more than 425 vehicles in 2016. Accubuilt operates out of a leased 180,000 square foot facility in Lima, Ohio and employs over 90 people. Employees have been notified operations will continue in place following the acquisition.

Armbruster Stageway has a rich tradition in the funeral car industry that dates back for over one hundred years and has the distinction of building the first combustion engine limousine. According to Sean Myers, President of Armbruster Stageway, “I am pleased we were able to acquire Accubuilt and its two iconic brands, S&S and Superior. We look forward to working with the employees in Lima to continue manufacturing premier vehicles and serve the customer base they have successfully built over the years. We believe our collective team is the best in the industry and we are excited to carry on the long, rich history of the Accubuilt brands.”
With the acquisition, it is believed Armbruster Stageway now controls over 50% of the funeral vehicle market.

Rob Hubbard, Chairman of the Board and Chief Restructuring Officer for Accubuilt, commented, “This was a great fit all around. Sean’s vision and Accubuilt’s manufacturing capabilities make the combined company the benchmark for all other industry players. Armbruster is getting a tremendous operation with great people, and I know they will have continued success with it.”

In mid-November 2016, Accubuilt retained Equity Partners HG as the exclusive broker for the company. Under Hubbard’s leadership, the Company had completed a successful three year restructuring process to review operational practices and institute cost saving measures to the manufacturing process. Seeing significant improvement from those efforts, ownership felt it was the appropriate time to pursue a sale of the Company.

Matt LoCascio, managing director for Equity Partners HG, said, “Our task was to maximize value and find the right buyer for Accubuilt. As we explored the market and considered the options available, it was clear Armbruster Stageway presented the best fit for the long term success of Accubuilt, its employees, customers, and vendors. We are very pleased with the outcome.”

Other professionals who worked on the transaction include:
• Rob Hubbard, Hub Management Group, chief restructuring officer to Accubuilt, Inc.
• Chris Bordoni, Adam Calisoff, and Robert Stefancin, Ice Miller, counsel to Accubuilt, Inc.
• Pete Palladino and Doug Gooding, Choate Hall & Stewart, counsel to secured creditor