Locations in Chicago and St. Louis
$10mm Annual Revenue in Recent Years

Receiver seeking an immediate sale. Founded in 2007, The Company specializes in providing natural stone fabricators and installers with superior quality materials at competitive prices. Their strong alliances with overseas suppliers and their state-of-the-art warehouse facilities reduce the price fluctuations and product shortages commonly found in the industry. Accelerated court-authorized process is currently underway.

Financial Highlights:
2018 Revenue: $9.1 million
2018 EBITDA: $600k+

2017 Revenue: $9.9 million
2017 EBITDA: $900k+

Founded in 2007

2 Locations
• Chicago – 49,000 sf
• St. Louis- 30,000 sf

Inventory on hand includes over 9,000 slabs.

Both Quartz and Granite in a myriad of colors & patterns.

Marble, Calcite, Dolomite

Quartzite, Limestone, Onyx, Schist, Soap Stone and Travertine

Key Contact:

Fred Cross

(866) 969-1115 ext. 2

Please see the Investment Teaser then return a completed Confidentiality Agreement by email to Debbie Beall or by fax, 866-604-9434 for further information.

N.C. Superior Court Division 18 CVS 3557