For Sale: 34 year old plastic thermoformer located in Maryland. Manufactures plastic packaging, products, and components utilized in the cosmetics, personal care, medical, food, industrial, defense, automotive, and energy industries. Capabilities include, heavy and light gauge thermoforming, fabrication and branded proprietary products for candle packaging and medical disposables. Loyal customer base, knowledgeable engineering & technical support staff.

Services Summary:

Heavy Gauge Thermoforming – Plastics engineering and custom thermoformed solutions and thermoformed 3D parts for the defense, aircraft component, medical, and electronics industries.

Light Gauge Thermoforming – Custom vacuum solutions with rigid or semi-rigid disposable packaging for beauty, cosmetic, medical, pharmaceutical, point of purchase display, electronic, and other manufacturing industries.

Fabrication – Expertise in the creation of large “drape-formed” plastic items.

Proprietary Products (represents 30% of light gauge revenue) – Proprietary lines of plastic containers, lids, and other packaging for the candle making and wax melt making industries, and scientific and medical disposables, including personal protection equipment (PPE) and emergent isolation devices (intubation boxes/personal face shields).

Key Contact:

Hank Waida

(443) 951-4849

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