Company in Chapter 11, sale process underway.  Proprietary fiberglass furnace and needle mat operation.  Combined 446,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing space on 95 acres, 2 hours southeast of Atlanta. Both operations can operate as standalone facilities, assets to be sold free and clear, together or separately.


  • Combined 446,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing space on 95 acres
  • Potential annual revenue in excess of $70mm
  • Preferential taxation policy due to current Economic Development Agreement
  • ISO 9001 – 2015 certified operation

Phase I – Needle Mat Operation:

  • 80,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility on 40 acres.
  • Built in 2014, operations started in Q1 of 2015
  • Approximately $10mm in revenue annually

Phase II – Fiberglass Furnace:

  • 366,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility on 55 acres
  • Annual capacity of 50,000+ tons
  • Capability to produce any kind of fiberglass products from chopped strands to direct rovings to yarns
  • Operations began in March 2018

Key Contact:

Matt LoCascio

(866) 969-1115 ext. 3

Please see the Investment Teaser then return a completed Confidentiality Agreement by email to Debbie Beall or by fax, 866-604-9434 for further information.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Georgia, Case No. 19-59440