Is debt financing the best solution?

Oftentimes in business, you see opportunities to grow, but lack the capital to do so. Other times you just need to free up equity or replace a lender. Whether you need to fund growth, refinance debt or liquidate equity, having the right partner can make it easier to find the best solution.

At Equity Partners HG, our corporate finance advisory firm is here to guide your business into its next chapter.

We may suggest additional debt or equity, or, with a strategic partner, a merger or joint venture. Or you may prefer to generate funds from selling a division. Together, we uncover all the potential options, present to the appropriate targets, and determine what is really viable.

Not all businesses are the same, and not all middle market investment banks are created equal. With our middle market lending advisors, we bring over 100 years of experience in corporate finance advising and lending. Our goal is to bring you the best available outcome for your business and get the transaction complete.

If you’re seeking new lending, private equity, or are interested in seeing how our corporate finance advisory firm can help your business, contact us here. Or, keep reading to learn more.

Funding Growth Through Equity or Debt Financing

Injecting new money into your company at a critical juncture can be the difference between a thriving business and one that doesn’t survive. Through equity raising or debt financing, our commercial lending advisors have the track record and expertise to help you jumpstart your company. No matter the circumstance, we leverage our rolodex of lenders, private equity, and family offices to facilitate the optimal solution, including:

  • Obtaining bridge loans for transitional financing needs
  • Securing asset based and mezzanine lending to increase liquidity
  • Raising capital to fund future growth


An attractive option to raise capital could be selling a division within your company. Our M&A professionals can explore this option for you, and maximize the dollars realized, within our extensive M&A advisory process.

To ensure success, our senior executives drive every step of the process — from the initial research of potential options to the final closing of a deal that moves your business forward.

If you’re looking to raise capital for you business or are interested in weighing your options, click here to contact us online or give us a call at (866) 969-1115.

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