How do I derive the greatest return when it’s time for a merger or sale?

Selling a business can be a complex venture filled with many financial and emotional considerations. To make it more difficult, there is no “easy” or one-size-fits-all solution, as no two sales are alike. You need a partner that brings all the options to the table so you can make the right choice for you and your business.

At Equity Partners HG, our merger and acquisition firm is known for its expertise in facilitating middle market business deals.

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Creative M&A Consulting Process

Our M&A firm prides itself on being the most prepared, connected and experienced in the business. We have been involved in over 500 transactions in all industries and across global markets. Through our competitive and creative process, we’re able to help you obtain an accurate business valuation, uncover options for your unique situation, and guide your business through closing.


A thorough, accurate business valuation is often the first step in determining the current state of your company. In a thoughtful and timely manner, our senior valuation experts pore over your financials to determine how much the business is truly worth in the marketplace.

We provide real-world business valuations and assessments of strengths and weaknesses related to valuation. Our ability to accurately identify the value of a company can be the foundation upon which you can choose your path forward.


While identifying the true value of your business, our advisors strive to uncover opportunities for you and your stakeholders to enhance the marketability of the business and the value received upon exit.

We want to figure out where you are as a business and where you ultimately want to end up. Each situation is unique, and our recommendations to help you get there are always made — and often altered — in consultation with the business owner.

Once the value has been enhanced to match your goals, our mergers and acquisitions firm will help you carry out the steps required for you to reach your desired goal.

If you’d like to see where your business currently stands, click here to get your free business score today. Businesses scoring 80 or higher typically receive offers that are 71% higher than average scoring businesses.


When you do feel that you’re ready to exit, bring on a partner, sell off a division, or merge, we begin implementing a competitive and creative process that brings multiple bidders to the table. No matter the industry, we’ll bring you the best offer. If you don’t like the deal we propose, you can say no. Oftentimes we have backup bids lined up, giving you multiple offers so you can choose the one you feel is best for your business, and so that you have a “Plan B” if the chosen bidder falters.

Once you select an offer, a deal gets done. Unlike other M&A advisory firms, we stay intimately involved throughout the entire process. With Equity Partners, you’ll have a tenacious partner guiding you through to your successful closing.

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