Negotiators of Telecom for Fortune 500

Highly profitable consulting firm seeks to sell up to 100% of the entity. Earns performance-based fees by saving Fortune 500 companies an average of 30% on telecom contracts.  Developed proprietary and superior benchmark intelligence. Key people will remain in place. Substantial 2020 revenue from completed negotiations. Large growth potential.


  • Office located in Mid-Atlantic
  • Over 20 years in business
  • Seasoned, professional leadership team with over 100+ years telecom consulting experience
  • Seeking to sell majority interest or entirety

Investment Highlights:

  • Key people in place to continue outstanding performance
  • Limitless growth (revenue below is from less than two dozen engagements/year and thus far, U.S. focused only)
  • Extremely high revenue per employee
  • No debit to client budget – fees paid out of savings
  • Overwhelming customer satisfaction
  • Savings to client could not be obtained on their own

Financial Highlights:

Revenues – Booked

  • 2018 $ 9.9M
  • 2019 $ 15.3M
  • 2020 $ 15.6M ++

Revenue Backlog beyond 2020

  • $5.0M+

EBITDA Margins

  • 2018 52.0%
  • 2019 60.0%
  • 2020 65.0% ++

Key Contact:

Keith Keeling

(443) 951-4849

Please see the Investment Teaser then return a completed Confidentiality Agreement by email to Debbie Beall for further information.